11. October 2013

Nacht der Unternehmen in Aachen

Imperia nimmt in diesem Jahr an der Nacht der Unternehmen in Aachen teil. Besuchen Sie uns am 06. November 2013…

17. March 2013


Im Rahmen der exclusiven Roadshow 2013 stellt die Imperia GmbH gemeinsam mit ihren Partnern F.W. Brökelmann Aluminiumwerk GmbH & Co….

Body In White/Structures



A variety of shell-structures are known in the body of the self-supporting construction in large series to profile heavy construction instructed in small series.  The requirements of automotive safety and strict quality regulations, which must be adhered to, are constantly in conflict with the need for reduced weight of the car. Achieving this balance is our expertise, whether through conventional lightweight steel or through innovative hybrid material structures.

Exterior Body Systems

Exterior generated emotion

The implementation of design specifications while ensuring the technical requirements (eg. clearance dimensions, mounting, manufacturability, government regulations, etc.) is the central task in the design and development of body panels. We know our way around different areas of the body panels. In addition to plastic parts such as bumpers shells, grills and spoilers our domain covers parts such as Housing for lamps or the vehicle glazing.

Vehicle Equipments

The inner values ​​count


The interior consists of both – a variety of paneling parts (e.g. on Instrument panel, door and the vehicle body) and also structural components (e.g. seat structures). Just as diverse are the requirements that are placed on interior parts. While primarily the trim components must realize their
design requirements, in the foreground the structural components must satisfy your specific load cases. In parallel to this, we take care of not just the technical Implementation (e.g. with respect to manufacturability, safety, installation, etc.) but also of the interaction with the surrounding parts.

Light Weight Construction


Lightweight means mobility

Lightweight construction is gaining more and more importance in all areas of automotive body. The reduction in weight has a positive effect on driving behavior and fuel consumption of the vehicle. This in turn saves resources and the environment. In case of electric vehicles, reduced weight also has a direct impact on the range. At Imperia, we constantly set ourselves apart with new applications for weight reduction. We pay particular attention to use economically practical technologies. Only then is a commitment for a mass production realistic. In the area of ​​body structures, as a solution for  light weight construction, we offer Flex Body ® and VarioStruct ® for small series as well as for medium and large series vehicles.

Vehicle Integration

Cars built for the people



In the overall vehicle development, along with the design specifications, the geometric interaction of the occupant with the technical systems and components is also taken into account. Once the main technical constraints are identified, we carry out the construction with reference to a package model, which serves as an input for the further construction. Through this holistic approach, arising conflicts and dependencies can be detected and resolved.


Shaping the Future

As an innovative company, Imperia is significantly involved in a variety of research projects. It is on the basis of research that we always aim to reach into concrete applications in the body.

The car sharing e- Vehicle model for urban regions

For the widespread introduction of electric vehicles there are several crucial factors. These are as follows:

  • Battery technology:  Reach, energy density, durability, charging time
  • Insufficient charging infrastructure
  • High cost of drive and battery
  • Acceptance of the vehicle
  • etc.

In order to overcome these hurdles and to make electric mobility for “everyone” attractive innovative business models are necessary. Here, it makes sense to combine classic car sharing with the use of electric vehicles. Car sharing makes particular sense in urban centers, since short distances and a high potential “user density” are predominant. In order to fully exploit the advantages, a holistic new vehicle concept, developed and designed exclusively for use in the e-car sharing, is necessary.

Thus is the maxim “simple to use”, simple and self-explanatory. In addition to the “Fun-to-drive” factor and of course the safety, earning acceptance from the market plays an important role. This vehicle concept was developed by a group of regional industry and research partners in 2 ½ years and implemented with the help of other industry partners in a so-called “rolling chassis”. Thus Imperia has taken over the complete design and development of the vehicle concept. The car’s design played an essential role in the development process of the vehicle. Here it was the task of Imperia to ensure that the technical feasibility, both in terms of manufacturability and conformity with established standards was in agreement with the vehicle package. For the body structure, the Body Flex technology was used.  This structure consists of profiles and node structures, especially designed for use in small-series vehicles. Here the focus is on the safety design, which has been validated and optimized based on overall vehicle simulations.

Integrative lightweight body structures in cast-intensive metal- hybrid construction according to the “In-Mould” – and “Out-Mould” assembly process

This project was launched as the trend to produce and manufacturing multi-material design for future body structures is clearly visible. In order to realize the ever-increasing demands on a body structure in terms of their performance with lower weight, it is necessary to have a very purpose oriented use of materials, construction methods and appropriate production technologies. Despite the use of state-of-the art materials, the limitations of conventional sheet metal shell construction methods are obvious. A weight reduction of 20 – 40%, depending on the material combination, was explored in this project of “cast-intensive hybrid metals”. The hybrid metal construction consists of an “integrated” structural unit of sheet metal and a cast structure.

Since the theoretical basis, in particular with regard to the structural and mechanical principles and potentials, are well known, this project primarily deals with production side issues. The aim is to establish the basic principle in a goal-oriented “industrially researched” consideration of production-relevant issues. It consists essentially two phases – in addition to the research for performance, use and interpretation, the mass production-relevant implementation is also considered with the aim to unite two different manufacturing processes.

From prototypes to series
Smart equipment designed for reduction of industrialization barriers

Aufgrund der zunehmenden, aus dem Individualisierungstrend resultierenden Bedeutung kleinerer Produktionsserien in der Fahrzeug- und Karosserieherstellung, haben gerade in der nahen Vergangenheit die Anforderungen an stückzahlangepasste Produktionslösungen an Bedeutung gewonnen. Auch die Zunahme von Fahrzeuginitiativen, die beispielsweise in der Elektromobilität die Möglichkeit sehen, sich mittel- oder langfristig zu etablieren, erfordert gerade heute Industrialisierungs­lösungen für Stückzahlen nicht weit über der in der Kleinserienhomologation zugelassenen Menge (1.000 Stück/ Jahr). Entsprechend hohen Handlungsbedarf gibt es insbesondere für die Industrialisierungsbarrieren in Form kapitalintensiver Betriebsmittel. Im vorliegenden Forschungsvorhaben wird die Entwicklung

von Werkzeugen und Vorrichtungen für eine kapitalschlanke und markt-
fähige Fahrzeugproduktion in kleinen und mittleren Stückzahlen verfolgt. Dazu gehört ebenso die Technologieauswahl wie auch die Entwicklung einer geeigneten Produktionsstrategie für betrachtete Anlauf- und Stückzahlszenarien. Es soll ermöglicht werden, innovative Fahrzeug­konzepte aus NRW in wettbewerbsfähige Produkte zu überführen, die erfolgskritische Differenzierung heutiger Großserienhersteller zu unterstützen und gleichzeitig Betriebsmittelhersteller in NRW zu stärken.Die Imperia GmbH legt im Rahmen des Projektes ihren Kompetenzschwerpunkt auf die Karosseriestruktur. Hierzu führt sie die Anforderungsanalyse sowie die Gesamtfahrzeugkonzeption durch.

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