17. August 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Ein Award, der von der FH Aachen fortan regelmäßig für Designstudenten ausgeschrieben werden soll und dieses Jahr mit 2.750 Euro dotiert ist. Gesponsert wird die Auszeichnung vom weltweit agierenden Entwicklungsdienstleister FEV und ihrer Tochtergesellschaft Imperia, beide mit Stammsitz in Aachen.

23. March 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Professor Thilo Röth ist einer der hochkarätigen Teilnehmer bei der Podiumsdiskussion im Rahmen der diesjährigen Karosseriebautage Hamburg.

20. March 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Erstmalig ist die Imperia GmbH in diesem Jahr mit einem Stand auf den Karosseriebautagen in Hamburg vertreten.

Project Management

Succes is the goal

We help you to control, plan and achieve your objectives – and that successfully. Here we advise and support you competently in project management. Taking the right action at the right time during the development phase saves costs, time and resources.


Our motto is: “Goal-oriented product development leads to success”


CAD/Virtuell Engineering

Design is comparable to evolution

In the design field, we possess many years of experience, and a comprehensive professional expertise in the vehicle body development area. We utilize the latest computer-aided processes and construction techniques for the product development process and the geometry creation. Thereby, we take all applicable requirements (e.g. regarding the manufacturing, legal requirements, cost, weight, mechanical properties) into consideration, and conceive high-quality data and documentation for your application. This also includes the consideration of simulation and test results from our CAE and testing department.

Calculation/ Simulation

Virtuality becomes reality

The combination of ever-increasing requirements towards the vehicle safety and reduction of CO2 emissions, even require a lightweight design for structures subjected to heavy loads. The calculation and simulation therefore often represents a significant aspect of the modern product development process. Our application range therefore particularly focuses on the design and optimization of individual components, as well as complete body structures and vehicle derivatives. We are constantly developing new lightweight solutions and safety concepts, as well as new simulation approaches within the scope of numerous successfully conducted customer and research projects.

Benchmark Analysis

An eye on the market


It is also advisable to initially gain an overview of the market situation, for example, to establish which existing solution is best suited for a particular application. Or to identify whether a new development offers the desired market potential. The services we are able to offer our customers include the performance of any kind of benchmark and research in the vehicle body area, for example, for

  • design types of certain body parts, components, systems
  • mechanical behavior of structures
  • parts and sub-assembly costs
  • manufacturing process


The focus on the real world

Imperia GmbH has been able to attain a broad range of expertise in the testing field. The test procedure is primarily used to validate the simulation results and the functionality of components. These include dynamic and quasi-static crash tests, as well as stiffness and operational rigidity analyses. In addition to the mechanical testing, it is also possible to involve partner companies in order to perform material tests, cyclical temperature tests and corrosion tests on components. The opportunity to create prototypes or develop and implement customized test rigs for special requirements,
complete the comprehensive range of services.


Enhancement of the numeric tool box


Innovative numerical solution approaches are created during the formulation of new numerical methods, on behalf of our customers and in collaboration with the software developer, for specific task constellations for which there are no adequate Solutions readily available.

A further special topical area is the material characterization and modeling. In this area, Imperia conducts tensile tests for a wide range of metal-based materials, in order to convey the attained data into material models for numerical computations. After a validation, this will provide a characterization of the material in the form of solidification and stress-based failure behavior data.


Identifying and exploiting opportunities

The proper consulting at the right time can often provide you with a decisive advantage, when it’s time to making strategic business decisions. Setting a proper course from the very start will help your company attain a long-term competitive advantage. This could be the case, during the introduction of a new product, in difficult project phases or when ideas for the development of new business fields are contemplated. Additionally, we are able to support the advanced training of your personnel, and also gladly give you access to our extensive range of experience as well as our competence network. Here, our range of services includes:

  • Direct conversations
  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Recommendation / networking

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