17. August 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Ein Award, der von der FH Aachen fortan regelmäßig für Designstudenten ausgeschrieben werden soll und dieses Jahr mit 2.750 Euro dotiert ist. Gesponsert wird die Auszeichnung vom weltweit agierenden Entwicklungsdienstleister FEV und ihrer Tochtergesellschaft Imperia, beide mit Stammsitz in Aachen.

23. March 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Professor Thilo Röth ist einer der hochkarätigen Teilnehmer bei der Podiumsdiskussion im Rahmen der diesjährigen Karosseriebautage Hamburg.

20. March 2018

Imperia auf der EuroCarBody 2016

(Deutsch) Erstmalig ist die Imperia GmbH in diesem Jahr mit einem Stand auf den Karosseriebautagen in Hamburg vertreten.

About Us

We like to do the most, that we are best at

From trend-setting technology to the development of the series

Imperia, a high-tech company based in Aachen, is specialised in new automotive lightweight solutions ranging from a single component to the entire vehicle body. Our expertise ranges from full production runs up to far-sighted projects. We place great emphasis on efficient innovation management; our research is practice-oriented and geared towards rapid implementation in commercially successful products and services.
Due to a broad spectrum of proficiency and experience, prominent automotive manufacturers and suppliers from the national and international automotive industry rely on the expertise of Imperia.

Our team, consisting of experienced and highly skilled engineers, provides a customized and cost-effective solution for any task – be it for our in-house technologies or for exclusively developed solutions for our customers. We maintain a common team spirit, high professional standards and constructive and cooperative customer relationships. Our ultimate goal is to always deliver superior services and actively participate along with our customers towards building the future of automotive engineering.


Car body technology – our passion

for many people the obsession with cars starts at a very early age and often lasts a whole lifetime,
the engineers and managers of Imperia GmbH being no exception.
For over ten years Imperia GmbH is headed by two managing directors: Prof. Dr. Thilo Röth is the head of Research and Innovation and
Gerhard von Kulmiz is responsible for sales and finance of the company.

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  • stands for expertise, innovation and superior service in the field of vehicle development
  • preferable customers are the automotive manufacturers.
  • is aligned for an economically healthy, secured and controlled growth
  • maintains a respectful, fair and committed relationship and open communication with customers and partners
  • constantly strives to extend and foster a long-term and a stable relationship with customers and strategic partners
  • is an economically and socially competent employer aiming for a long-term employee loyalty towards the company


Partners and Network

We, along with our customers and partners, constantly strive to develop visions for the perfect automobile and implement them. In the past few years,
through our innovative projects, we have established a stable network and a constructive dialogue with some academic institutions. In the following, we
present some of our closest partners:



The FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971 after the merger of several technical colleges and vocational training centres. Today, the FH Aachen, with over 11,000 students and ten departments, is one of the largest technical colleges in Germany. At present, prospective students can choose from 53 Bachelor’s and 22 Master’s degree programmes in engineering sciences, business studies and design. The main campus is located in Aachen and Jülich and some of the other faculties are also located in Cologne, Düren, Linnich, Euskirchen, Geilenkirchen.


Founded in 1870, the Rhenish-Westphalian University of Technology’s (RWTH) Aachen has currently about 40,000 students. The RWTH Aachen University has nine faculties with a total of 260 institutes and seven special research areas. The grants awarded by the government  support the RWTH Aachen Campus, which is developed in close cooperation with the industry and would be one of the largest science center in Europe.


The competence center automotive Aachen Euregio Maas / Rhine, car e. V., was founded in 2001.
car is a network of companies and research institutions located in and around Aachen with a focus on automotive technology. For Imperia along with other members of car e. V., it provides a platform
to exchange ideas and to exploit synergies and cooperation potentials.


TheTechnical University (TU) of Braunschweig dates back to the year 1745 and has the longest
tradition among the technical universities in Germany. With around 150 institutes, it offers 64
courses of study in 6 faculties. In addition to the engineering sciences, the natural sciences too
are a core discipline of the university. The lecture halls, institutes and facilities of TU Braunschweig are spread across four locations within Brunswick and the Mobile Life Campus is in Wolfsburg. The University is a member of TU9 German Institutes of Technology eV.


A Common goal

As an independent provider of engineering services since 1998, we work along with the major automotive manufacturers and well-known suppliers
towards automotive future. Thereby, our customers are also our best partners because only a cooperative approach guarantees an optimum result.

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